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Four minutes.

That is all it took to sell out the more than 200 seats at the Shooting Days.

We already had a very strong suspicion that our first – live – COVID-proof event would become a huge success, but we never expected this. In the first fifteen minutes after opening, almost four hundred different people visited our website. Unbelievable.

We – the team Project SSMW and the entire 157th Promotion SSMW – would like to thank you for all your enthusiasm. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to organize activities for such a fine audience.

For all those whom we were unfortunately unable to help:

Whether you missed the deadline, could not pick up the phone in time or were just not available on that particular day: No problem. We will do everything we can to arrange a third day for you. This day will probably take place at the end of May. For more information, follow our Facebook and Instagram page!

Finally, we would also like to thank our sponsor Dekaise. Without their fantastic logistic support, we would never have been able to organise these shooting days!


Team Project SSMW
157th Promotion SSMW

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