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“Let’s make a calendar.”

Team Project SSMW

With these memorable words, our adventure began. Our task: to create a calendar that depicts the life and favourite activities of students at the Royal Military Academy, show that we as students have an incredibly interesting environment and culture, and prove that our group has a unique diversity. We wanted to create a unique product, something never done before. After a few conversations with our promotion commander, the impact and challenge of our project began to sink in. Despite the audacity, we were given the opportunity by the Commanding Officer to start shooting pictures and involve all the students of the RMA.

The RMA’s in-house photographer, Erwin Ceuppens, was immediately on board. We were certainly not short of ideas for different scenarios.
We laughed a lot during the various shoots. It was a very busy period for the organisers of Project SSMW, but the atmosphere was good. All the students cooperated and showed immense flexibility. Week after week, we made more and more amazing photos.

It was very pleasant working with Team Project SSMW!

Erwin Ceuppens – Photographer RMA Calendar

The results are impressive. Last week the final version (designed by Steven De Dapper) of our calendar was sent to the printing company. The photos are so professional and the calendar will be finished to such a high standard that everyone will be amazed.

We had a lot of fun over the past few months making our calendar. We do not want to deprive you of these moments. We hope you enjoy this unique behind-the-scenes pictures and support our project by ordering a calendar through the webshop for the modest price of 12 euros. With your purchase, you support the different Belgian MS leagues.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity and make sure that soon one of our beautiful calendars will be hanging in your desk, toilet, room and in your favourite spot!

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