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Finally! After weeks of waiting, postponing and waiting again, the time has finally come: In the weekend of 19-20 June, Project SSMW can finally organise its legendary Shooting Days!

Shooting with a gun is an incredible experience. Not only does the recoil you feel with each shot give you an incredible adrenaline kick, but it also requires a great deal of discipline to be able to shoot well and hit your target!


The whole story started almost a year ago. By almost pure coincidence, we came into contact with Dekaise and mentioned the idea. They were enthusiastic right from the start, although they immediately said that organizing such an activity in Belgium would be no easy task.

And so the adventure began: After several meetings, it became clear that we really wanted to go for a unique experience: In consultation with the arms dealer and some experts, we compiled a list of no less than 16 different weapons.

I am in the army myself, but when I heard that the Shooting Days were being organised, I immediately registered. Even for us, this is really a unique opportunity!


Everything was included: modern weapons and weapons from WW1, SMGs, assault rifles, pistols, revolvers,… Even an anti-tank gun was brought out. In short, EVERYTHING was pulled out of the closet to make this event a great success.

Do you want to participate? There are still a few places left! Have a quick look at Shooting Days – Project SSMW and find out all further information!

As with all Project SSMW events, all profits from the Shooting Days go to the Belgian Multiple Sclerosis Leagues.

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