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Shooting Days subscription



WaveDateRV placeRV NLTStart fireEnd firePlaces
LAST CALLMIL219JUN21Dekaise0915100011451
LAST CALLMIL319JUN21Dekaise1215130014451
LAST CALLMIL419JUN21Dekaise1415150016451
LAST CALLMIL5 (CIV)19JUN21Dekaise1615170018452
SOLD OUTCIV120JUN21Dekaise0715080009450
SOLD OUTCIV220JUN21Dekaise0915100011450
SOLD OUTCIV320JUN21Dekaise1215130014450
SOLD OUTCIV420JUN21Dekaise1415150016450
SOLD OUTCIV520JUN21Dekaise1615170018450

MIL = military personnel only (price 85EURO) (civilians are not allowed, this will be checked)
CIV = civilians (price 95EUR)


    We will call you on this number to arrange another moment,
    if the wave you picked is already fully occupied.

    Date of birth

    Select your wave (see timetable above)

    If you have a discount due to Civ/Mil Sale delays,
    fill in your order number (must correspond to your name) here (leave blanc if not)

    Shooting Day terms:
    the shooters are at least eighteen years old – the shooters have their personal identity card with them physically – the shooters have a Belgian shooter’s license or have not yet used their annual government day pass in the past year – the shooters are sober and not under the influence of any narcotic – the shooters carry a printed extract of their blank criminal record not older than three months – the shooters must strictly follow the instructions given by the accompanying staff – the shooters must at all times handle in an adult, respectful and responsible manner with the equipment and staff – if the requested amount was not paid for 1APR21, Project SSMW will resell the ticket – the attendants cannot be held responsible for errors that happen – Project SSMW is not responsible for accidents before, during and after the event – Project SSMW is not responsible for material damage that sustained in and around the event – Project SSMW is not responsible for physical damage or injuries – Project SSMW can never be held liable for any accidents in and around the event – the shooters are individually responsible for their physical protection of eyes and ears and body – eye protection by means of safety glasses is mandatory – hearing protection by means of headphones type ‘Peltor’ is mandatory – long sleaves are mandatory – Project SSMW provides the necessary equipment on site to protect the eyes and hearing of the shooters – only shooters who are registered according to the correct procedure are allowed to handle and fire weapons during the event – irresponsible shooters will be removed from the shooting range – the responsible Project SSMW, Project SSMW or their personnel are not responsible for any physical injury, property damage or any other disadvantage resulting from the use of the shooting range or that onts as a result of an accident – shooters who do not meet one or more requirements will be removed from the event – shooters must immediately leave the event at the simple request of the organizer, regardless of the reason – no alcohol will be consumed during the event – in case of an accident, the event will be immediately shut down – the communication of the event will be in English, this can never be used as an excuse for not following the guidelines or rules – Project SSMW can decide at any time to suspend the event without any compensation to the participants – attendees must at all times notify a Project SSMW staff member to signal any damage caused by anyone – shooters are obliged to compensate for damage caused intentionally, by negligence and / or by non-compliance with the applicable regulations or instructions of one of the Project SSMW staff – only the weapons provided by the organization may be employed during the event – Project SSMW can invoke new rules to replace existing rules or to supplement existing rules at any time without the consent of the shooters, these rule will be applicable in any case – at the start of the event, all participants need to sign these terms and conditions