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A busy semester!

De afgelopen zes maanden heeft het Project SSMW vele activiteiten van verschillende omvang georganiseerd om geld in te zamelen voor Kaki Lion Belgium. Deze activiteiten,…

Start Conference Project SSMW

Le lundi 10 octobre, la conférence d’ouverture du Project SSMW s’est tenue en présence de nombreux cadres des bataillons ainsi que du Commandant de l’École…

Distribution / Verdeling Kit PIM/MIF

De nieuwe leerlingen-officieren keerden terug vanuit Elsenborn om te genieten van een welverdiend week-end. Na het weekend zullen ze opnieuw de MIF aanvatten voor de…

Our project in short

Discover Project SSMW!


Student-officers from the Royal Military Academy in Brussels are committed to a project of their own choosing that is close to their hearts.

Helping a charity

In the past three years, we have collected more than sixty thousand euros for various charities.

Kaki Lion Belgium

This year’s central theme is Kaki Lion Belgium. It’s a non-profit organization aimed at helping active duty and former soldiers as well as their family.

Social interaction

Informative conferences raise the awareness of future Defense officers about the psychological and physical problems soldiers could have to face and how Kaki Lion...

Media and press

Extensive presence in local and national press also brings our project far beyond the walls of the Royal Military School every year.

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