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Opening Conference

Our first event to make the MUCO Association familiar with our project was a success. Last Wednesday we organized a conference where we invited Stefan…

A new year, a new project

Did you already hear about project SSMW? Go immediately to the last sentence. Do you have absolutely no clue about who we are? Just keep…

Our project in short

Discover Project SSMW!


Student-officers from the Royal Military Academy in Brussels are committed to a project of their own choosing that is close to their hearts.

Helping a charity

In the past three years, we have collected more than sixty thousand euros for various charities.


This year’s central theme is MUCO or Mucoviscodose. It is an inherited condition that causes sticky mucus to build up in the lungs and digestive system....

Social interaction

Informative conferences raise the awareness of future Defence officers about the MUCO problem and what can be done...


Numerous sporting and fun activities, such as quizzes, parties, BBQs and major sporting events, reach a mass of...

Media and press

Extensive presence in local and national press also brings our project far beyond the walls of the Royal Military School every year.

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