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Opening Conference Project SSMW

The official launch of the project took place yesterday (09 October 2023) with the openings conference of Project SSMW. Professor and Head of the Pancreatic Cancer Fund, Baki Topal, provided a word about the disease Pancreatic Cancer and explained more about the charity’s objective. We would like to thank the professor warmly for his fascinating presentation.

Furthermore, the various activities were presented and a touching testimony was given.

Thanks to all the people present, we look forward to see you again at the upcoming activities!


On Monday the 8th of April, we organized a auction to sell products that we collected from different units, sponsors, organizations, people, … It was a very fun night with a lot of revenue for the Pancreatic cancer fund. We would like to thank all of you for your purchases or just if you were present to support our event.

Shooting days 2024

We would like to thank all of you for participating this year!

It was a great success!

We had a blast organizing this event and it was great to see so much people enjoy this activity! We can look back on a successful weekend where we had 200 participants.

We would also like to thank Daniel Dekaise and Cerva to help us organizing this event!

Gala concert Royal Guides Music Chapel

On the 14th of November, some students of the 160th promotion SSMW helped to manage the Royal Guides Music Chapel’s gala concert at the Centre of Fine Arts in Brussels. The concert celebrated His Majesty the King’s 10th anniversary. This exceptional event took the audience on a captivating musical journey, in the presence of the royal couple.

The entire profits raised by the help of our promotion went to the Pancreatic Cancer Fund.

End of the Military sales

Yesterday (7th of November) was the last day to place your order with the essentials to survive the upcoming winter camp or to buy some handy military goodies. We can conclude that the military sales was a great success this year and therefore we want to thank all of you!

For now, we will do our very best to prepare all your orders to have them delivered to you as soon as possible. The people who ordered something will receive an e-mail when their order is ready for pick up.

Start of Project SSMW! – Kit PIM/MIF

Project SSMW starts as the new cadet-officers are about to begin their initial military training. To help them acquiring everything they need for their first military camp, Project SSMW sells the “Kit PIM/MIF” with useful equipment for every soldier!

New cadet-officers had the opportunity to buy this kit via the mail they received with their results of their entrance exam.